Business Travel Reservations with Mercury Travel Group

When you book your corporate travel, Mercury Travel Group makes sure that the service provided is totally customized to your corporate travel requirements. We have the team that will work with you in building the right full service or customised self-service option. We will find the right fit for you and your business.

Mercury Travel Group partners with a number of online booking providers, so we can be sure to find one that fits your needs.

Booking business travel online

MTG will work with you to choose the most suitable online booking system for your companies travel program. MTG will go into great depth to customize a solution that will work for you and your company. MTG regular researches the industry to see what new features are available that will enable you to further improve your travel experience. to our development team will investigate how to customize the solution for your needs.

Our business travel agents are here for you 24/7

We are here to provide support for you and your traveler online and after hours. Our agents are experienced travel professionals who not only book the right travel options at the best rates, they also are available every step of the travel experience. For instance, if a flight is delayed or canceled, you can rest assured that Fox World Travel employees—and not a contracted service—will be there to help any time of the day or night.

If your traveler is a designated VIP, we offer multiple levels of service to meet their needs. Our most experienced travel agents provide priority handling for all reservations and requests. VIPs are served with around-the-clock flight monitoring and are contacted when a flight is delayed.

Contact MTG today

For a customized travel online booking solution for your corporate travel program, call us at 64 420 4000, 972 5083 46111 or contact us online