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Barbarians, nomads, gravesites of saints, Atlas, Sahara, Kasbahs, Touareg, Tajine, Hamsa - all are symbolic of Morocco, the land of distinction.Morocco is an exhilarating sensory experience. The country’s powerful flavors and aromas are evident in every corner, from the golden dunes in the Sahara, past the towering Atlas ridges, to every perfume or seasonings market.

A fascinating mosaic of people from every region, tribes of nomads that thrive in the heart of the desert, inhabiting every cave and taking advantage of every piece of shade. Wandering, searching out hidden fresh water springs, seeking any source of grazing, living in perfect symbiosis with the desert, their home. The Touareg tribe who thrive in the delicate balance of the desert wear a blue bashash; paint their faces in ‘Kohol’ and reddish powders, cross the desert atop the timeless ships of the desert – their camels. Their neighbors, the Barbarics of the Atlas Mountains live in clay homes in enchanting villages, pray for rain and gather in hordes at the village’s outskirts to welcome each and every guest.

Fortune tellers sit every night in Marrakesh’s main square while the city is painted vivid red by the setting sun, and your only recourse is to sit for an hour of magia. The “Henna Women” paint the hands and feet of their children to prevent the devil from entering their young bodies. Timeless snake charmers and monkey tamers gather gasping crowds around them while the black Gnawa troupes sing to African beats and a call to prayer echoes throughout the streets. This is the color, the texture, the flavor and the song of Morocco.

Gravesites of saints (marabouts) are a destination for pilgrimages of both Muslims and Jews. Jewish cemeteries and saints’ graves turn out to be exciting and fascinating. The sight of the white, nameless graves are a testament to a large and special Jewish community around which many folk tales and fascinating stories have been told and retold.

The stews (Tajine) cook slowly atop glowing charcoals. There is meat wrapped in vegetables and blending with succulent couscous that will please anyone from any corner of the Atlas to the desert dunes. Morocco’s sweets are so sweet, and the tea – truly one of a kind. And the Sahara, so impressive, so massive, so mysterious it simply defies description.Our routes take us away from the marketplaces, ascending rough roads across the Atlas ridge in capable 4x4 vehicles. We descend to the Sahara to feel the immense power of the desert, we will cross dunes, transverse canyons, pass through green valley’s adjacent to impressive mountain peaks and we will even find our oasis – the gift of life.With our capable vehicles, we will reach the most remote corners, breathe in all the aromas, and do our best to sample the numerous flavors and feel Morocco’s endless magic.

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    11 Days

    The adventure starts with your arrival in Casablanca, where you rendezvous with tour guides and other travelers at a specified hotel in the city. All travelers must meet at the hotel before 5pm (local time). We enjoy an overnight stay…

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