“MTG Strives to provide the best Business Incentive experiences that create inspiration, motivation and tangible returns that improves the companies productivity”



At Mercury Travel Group businesspersons travel services, focusing on incentive travel, corporate programming travel management. MTG works with companies from all over the globe that enables us to book in locations in both the northern and southern hemisphere. We approach every travel request by listening to your comments and needs and then based on your comments create a customized program that fits your company’s desired goals.There is also the option of taking one of our many different adventure incentive itineraries that are pre-planned and able to be customized to fit your specific requirements. No matter what your requirements we are able to provide you with the perfect incentive tour.


Incentive Trips are an excellent way to encourage, acknowledge and reward outstanding performance of your employees or agents.
Incentive trips, reward agents and employees for achieving goals and provide the employer with an increased level of productivity.These incentive plans generate more revenue for your company and quite often the incentive trip can pay for itself due to the rise in income from the extra sales.
Loyalty is also a major consideration when thinking about incentive travel as is has been well documented that employees who have the opportunity to participate in incentive travel are more likely to remain loyal to the company. It’s an advantage to both the employee and employer.

The biggest benefit of loyalty is reduced turnover, which saves a huge amount of time and money recruiting new employees. Rewarding the best performing employees proves to the employee that their contributions are appreciated.

Corporate Incentives to obtain higher levels of achievement as pre-established goals provide employees encouragement and something to aim for. Again the advantage to the employer is increased motivation within the workforce which creates a better and more positive work environment.
With a positive attitude at work, there is a higher probability of working together for the common good. Incentive trips can strengthen the relationships between employees and management, which in turn results in increased productivity.