MTG is able to work with your company to create a pre-approved program for all your corporate travel, MTG Check, enables us to review all your travel arrangements and make any amendments (if required) before automated ticketing. This online system monitors all bookings made through our portal is sent to your agent and procurement manager.

We work within your company’s personal preferences and policies. We have a system where reservations require approval before being booked. Our system allows any level of approval, be it a MTG approved agent or your own internally approved representative.

The great features of our pre-approval :

  • Shows all untraveled reservations as well as approved travel
  • Provides a complete overview of planned travel and flags any important facts that the client requires.
  • Displays clear confirmation of approved trips.
  • Sends emails with all companies terms and conditions for travel
  • Allows authorized to communicate with the traveler on their travel itinerary
  • Monitors all reservations until confirmation is received.
  • Delivers pre-trip details online as well as an emailed hard copy that can be printed