The Importance of Insurance

Unfortunately no matter how well planned your business trip is, accidents happen. Unforeseen situations can lead to cancelled trips or delay travel, which requires travel insurance.

At MTG we can provide you with insurance cover that will protect your trip if it’s cancelled or interrupted. With travel insurance, you can plan your trip with confidence.

What MTG Travel Insurance Covers

The great benefit of insurance is that your investment is covered before and during your trip. These are the situations that MTG Travel Insurance covers:

  • Lost, stolen or delayed luggage
  • Stolen wallet and/or passport
  • Medical emergency while abroad as well as emergency medication
  • Cancelled trip due to a medical incident prior to your departure
  • Cancelled or delayed trip due to bad weather or terrorist situation

In order to be completely covered you will need to speak to your MTG agent. They deal directly with our Insurance company to make sure that you are covered for all your needs. There is also the option of your credit cards insurance as well as your medical insurance so please check the terms and to see exactly what you are covered for, as there might be certain aspects of your business trip that might not be covered.

Coverage Options 

MTG provides completely customizable Insurance Policies for each traveler. Whether you want insurance for one trip or an annual plan, MTG can work with you to create the perfect cover.