Why Use a Travel Management Company like Mercury Travel Group?

Travel is the third or fourth highest and most manageable expense a company has. It is also the expense that is the most controllable. Travel is an expense that should not be taken lightly. We are often asked by potential clients as to why we should use Mercury Travel Group and now and then whey they should use a DMC at all! Here are the reasons why you should use a DMC such as Mercury Travel Group.


Mercury Trave Group will work with you to effectively prepare and manage your business travel account each year. MTG will keep you informed as to your expenditure making sure that there are no large surprises at the end of the year.


At MTG we know that many companies don’t have the extra time to coordinate their employees business travel and stay on top of their day to day business tasks. Business travel is our business, and it shouldn’t be yours. Weare incredibly efficient in increasing your bottom line and using the services of Mercury Travel Group allows you to focus on your core business.


When you employ MTG to take over your travel management you can see you travel expenses reduce by up to 25%.. This is one of the main reasons companies use the services of MTG. The main way we do this is by using contracted rates and best available daily rates, which can sometimes be cheaper than our negotiated rates. We have created relationships with the major global players including hotels, airlines and rental car companies. We are also ablet o manage your preferred supplier programs to further reduce your expenditure.

You may perceive it to be cheaper for employees to just book their own travel, but it will usually end up costing you more. MercuryTravel Group will streamline the process saving you money and time,


MTG manage your costs that are incurred before and during and after your business trip. It doesn’t matter whether or one employee or multiple employees are traveling at the same time, managing expenses that are incurred before and during a business trip is no easy task. MTG makes it all very simple. MTG makes it all very simple with our software You’re able to maintain total control over your employees while improving your product and reducing your cost.


If you have one client traveling at a time or many, it’s your responsibility as their employer to make sure that you do everything possible to keep them safe and well, while they are on their trip. We partner with global companies to ensure our clients are always notified if their travellers are in danger or need assistance. We stay on top of weather, diseases, current events.


At MTG we continuously update and manage your travel policy, as we have found out over the years that this is crucial to a well-run business travel program. A well thought out travel policy allows you to communicate effectively to employees& suppliers, how much and whom to charge, what to do if an emergency happens and much more. Mercury Travel Group can help you create this policy and ensure that the measures you put in place are followed to the letter.


There are a lot of different possibilities with regards to the amount spent, but by using frequent flyer programs, it is definitely possible for a company to save thousands and thousands of dollars. There is one problem. Most companies don’t know how to bring all of this together and facilitate this form of business travel effectively This is where MTG can help. We will manage your points and rewards program with every supplier, be it flights, rental cars or accommodation. This way you can be sure that you are using your card to the maximum benefit.


When a business trip gets cancelled or delayed due to bad weather, MTG is ready to assist and sort out any issues that arise. We can rebook a trip or reschedule it. We will take care of an accommodation or transfer amendments, as well we’ll advise all necessary parties of any extra costs that are incurred. We will also assist with the insurance aspects making sure what can be claimed is claimed.


In addition to company’s travel management, MTG can coordinate incentive travel, groups meetings, VIP travel for executives and personal reward vacations for employees.

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