Business Travel Solutions with Mercury Travel Group

At MTG we focus primarily on providing a personalized business travel solution that incorporates all the available technology available. We really care about creating travel management programs that work. We engage with our new customers to discover what your priorities are and what objectives you want to achieve. For this, we developed travel solutions that enhance and improve your travel program, as well as saving you money. All of our travel partners are chosen on the basis that they have global reach and will enhance our corporate travel programs. Our clients love our “hands on” approach and we are a company that genuinely cares about every aspect of our client’s travel arrangements.

Business travel services

You can rest assure that MTG corporate travel services are working for you. MTG travel consultants will enhance your travel program by

  • Make your trip easier: At MTG we provide online booking solutions, travel tools, mobile phone solutions and travel communication which keeps our clients completely satisfied.
  • Staying Safe: MTG has comprehensive travel systems in place to keep you safe during your trip. Our fast and effective communication systems allow you to know where any of your clients or employees are and we can relay any urgent messages if needed.
  • Helping you work your program : MTG analytics provide you with a complete overview of every aspect of your corporate travel program. This information gives you a complete understanding of your business travel program and expenses and helps you understand the ever-changing travel industry.

Global business incentives tips

MTG incentives is where it all began for Mercury Travel Group. If you are looking to start or create a global incentive program MTG are your experts, The MTG team has the experience in building the perfect incentive tour that is 100% customized to your companies requirements.