Mercury Travel Group provide smoothly managed, innovative shore excursions, where attention to detail and logistical excellence combine to provide the ultimate in group day tours.

Our meticulously-planned shore excursions are 100% customized to fit perfectly with each location. These tours are not available to groups from the cruise and need to be organized in advance with MTG

As in all of our itineraries, we handle all facets of private vehicles, small vans and coaches reservations. We customize the experience to ensure that your client’s requirements are fulfilled. Their experience is different to what is available on the cruise and it can be anything from a gourmet experience at top restaurants to an adventure tour in the surrounding region. We work with you in advance to customized each port.

Our local knowledge and extensive contacts enable us to provide dynamic excursions and our tours are unique. If required we are able to provide you with a personal guide for each location.

We can also offer pre and post cruise itineraries so that the groups travel experience is seamless. You can confidently leave the planning in our capable hands.

We are also able to add features to other excursions if the ship was unable to berth. In the past, we have added helicopter rides, private dining experience, added activities.We are in contact with the tour manager to organize what will be added and how it fits within the budget

We offer shore excursions in the following countries

Australia | New Zealand | Thailand | Vietnam | Singapore | Myanmar | Israel