Incentive rewards are a reward or, an incentive program designed to improve the companies profit, turnover, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. It is a well know fact that incentive programs are designed to motivate employees which in itself fosters loyalty and encourages those able to benefit to excel within the organization.

At Mercury Travel Group we are able to design an incentive program, which looks at every aspect that will be affected, and making sure that the return on investment can be proven It has been shown that incentive program yielded a return of investment of more than 4:1. and was also stated that to achieve the same effect of incentive programs, an employee’s total base salary would need to increase by more than 8%

At Mercury Travel Group, we have many different incentive programs in many different countries. We can provide you with a totally customized program that fits your exact needs and requirements or you can implement one of our many per-planned incentive programs that are proven