Global Network

Having a dependable level of travel support for your companies’ global business locations and your company representatives around the globe is a necessary aspect of any global travel program.

We believe what is more important is the level of support that you receive to enable this critical part of your business to flow well. With MTG support the assistance you receive around the world is truly comprehensive and 24/7. You will have a dedicated contract representative assigned to you who will make sure that you are taken care of throughout your trip.

Global Data Consolidation

The main advantage of bringing your regional and global travel program under one roof is the ability to consolidate your regional and global travel data and in turn reducing your travel expenditure. MTG’s global network makes this a reality. MTG will consolidate all of your regional and global travel details into one place and assign you one point of contact for all your reporting needs.

Global Supplier Management

When your company deals with global & local suppliers, there are many different levels of difficulty that need to be solved: different language, cultural diversity, technology issues and much much more. Without a network of global travel partners, traveling can be incredibly difficult as well as expensive. MTG has many years of experience managing global travel requirements and we provide you with that information that enables you to receive superior service and discounted pricing for your business travel needs.