Mercury Travel Group is committed to making all aspects of travel easy for business, incentive groups and travel managers.

This is a crucial aspect of the business and of your business development. Business representatives that are happy with their local and global travel arrangements tend to be more efficient and more productive while traveling and working. There is no need to worry about travel arrangements, but they can focus on the more important aspects of their trip. This is due to MTG taking care of every aspect of their travel arrangements and making sure that they are totally customized to their specific requirements.

Mercury Travel Group has established valuable relationships with suppliers as well as providing its clients with the most up to date technology to make their travel arrangements as hassle-free as possible.

MTG has developed relationships with all of its suppliers, enabling them to negotiate not only discounted rates but also technology to better service the client when any travel issues arise. MTG works with travel managers to help them implement the best plan of attack if something should go wrong during their trip.

MTG has a series of plans to keep your travellers safe during their trip.

We have emergency numbers that can be contacted as well as tools that allow managers to know in real time as to their where-a-bouts as well as being able to send emergency messages when needed.

MTG provides up to date travel technologies that make your companies travel experience a much pleasurable and enjoyable experience.

MTG provide mobile solutions that allow your representatives to book their travel requirements and have MTG update this on their travel itinerary. Our, comprehensive, booking solutions and other excellent travel tools enable complete customization of your travel arrangements.

MTG provides analytic and performance reports, so travel managers can advise to senior staff members the efficiency of their travel program.

Senior staff requires performance updates and how much money is being spent each year on travel. We can provide all this information in a simple format that allows for total transparency enabling management to decide where cost can be reduced or expenditure increased to better service the companies needs.

MTG also provide a variety of Incentive tours ranging from traditional incentive tours to our unique range of active incentives, where each member is actively involved in the running of the tours. Click here to view these tours

MTG truly believes that incentive tours are a great way to motivate and reward staff as well as enabling your business to achieve its goals. It also fosters loyalty & dedication to your company and forges stronger team dynamics. Our incentive travel is 100% flexible and can be customized to fit any budget which enables companies of any size to reward its employees.