SCB, Thailand – Top Clients – 44 passengers

This was a total luxury tour that was 4 months in the making and took into consideration every single minor detail as well a contingency plan for every activity booked. We organised private rooms on a cruise, 12 private guides for a two-day tour in luxury campervans, mountain top lunches and many other unique and wonderful activities. There was a big focus on promoting the bank and we went out of our way to make sure every promotional aspect was perfectly implemented. Even to the point of purchasing special 3M promotional stickers that were easily removed from vehicles without damaging the paint.

This tour was the most demanding we have ever undertaken and our clients responded by saying they have never experienced a DMC that was so willing to assist with every question and request they had. They totally relied on Mercury Pacific to provide an “out of the box” experience and that is definitely what they received. Having a Mercury Pacific agent based in Asia also help with the time zone issue, as there were many late afternoon calls that needed to be taken.